The history of the tandoors. Tandoor - what is it?

What is the tandoor? Little known to many of us. To understand what is the Tandoor (tanūr, tonir tannūr tandır tandur tannur) let’s turn to the history. Tandoor is the spherical shape oven created by the technology of the old masters, an oven-roaster, a brazier made of clay by firing at high temperatures. Production based on the proportions of the golden section that resembles an egg as a symbol of rebirth. In these stoves is the possibility of cooking different food in several stages.

The first stage is the heating of the walls of the Tandoor by burning wood fire or charcoal fire inside the Tandoor. After the walls have absorbed all the energy of fire and were heated, the coal is removed from the tandoor (which has holes of the ash pan). At the second stage inside the hot tandoor (ceramic oven) are placed products such as meat, poultry, fish, bread, cakes, samosa, vegetables and more. Cover with a lid and wait until it will be cooked. For each kind of food cooking time varies (from 5 to 20 min). Food has a unique taste and smell, once you try, you’ll never forget the taste. It is based on the concept of the Russian stove. First, the energy from the fire is transferred to the clay walls, then the clay walls give food their energy.

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How to make your own tandoor

In Ukraine there are a lot of craftsmen who can do a tandoor oven (tandyr) or ceramic oven for cooking shashlyk, kebab, samosas, and tortillas. We will be pleased to assist you in the realization of this idea. As we are manufacturers of tandoors, our experts will provide you with an expert advice.

You can make a tandoor in two ways:

Method №1: To make a tandoor from bricks

Refractory wedge-shaped brick masonry and lining. For masonry refractory mixture is used, the radial shape is chosen not by accident, the movement of heat flow inside the tandoor causes a convection effect.

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Advantages of our tandoors

Advantages of the brand «The world of tandoors»

1. Design, a unique pattern and ornament

Each of our tandoor is processed by professional artists: decorators and sculptors with an extensive experience. This is the team of professionals who can depict all that you can wish on the walls of the tandoor. Each tandoor is the author’s work done manually.

2. Only environmentally friendly materials

All the materials of construction for our tandoor brand “The world of tandoors” are environmentally friendly. We do not use as a binder refractory cement, fiber or special additives. We understand that you will cook in the tandoor so we are very serious about the purity and quality of our products. The outer cover is made by clay paints and glaze used in the production of ceramic tableware, inside the tandoor- pure fireclay that gives the food while cooking healthy characteristics.

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Choosing a tandoor

As we have a large variety of tandoors we will help you to navigate and choose a tandoor which fits best to your needs.

Тандыр Козацкий

Tandoor «Kozatskiy»
«Kozatskiy» has a stylish Ukrainian ornament with Cossack symbols. This tandoor is designed for 10-12 skewers so it is suitable for a small family or a group of people.

Тандыр Фаберже

Tandoor «Faberge»
For groups more than 10 people a tandoor-grill “Faberge” will be a good choice with its stylish shape and ornament. The versatility of “Faberge” by a small disassembly will allow you to use it as a ceramic brazier. Collapsible tandoor-grill “Faberge” fits easily in the trunk of a small car so is convenient in transportation by the car. The tandoor is designed for 14 skewers.

Тандыр Аттила

Tandoor «Attila»
Tandoor «Attila» is suitable for cooking shashlyk for a group from 10 to 20 people. Its big size allows you to bake bread, roast a leg of lamb, large pieces of meat, fish etc. Its dimension allows you to retain cooking temperature for a long time. Stylish tripollian ornament and also the signs of four elements will become protectors of your home.

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Operating conditions of the tandoor

1When burning you tandoor you will need to warm it up slowly!

2Never use water to cool a hot tandoor.

3When using your tandoor it is forbidden to knock (tap) the walls of the tandoor with metal objects (e.g. pocker, scoop etc).

4Never put a tandoor on the soft surface because it can fall.

5Don’t put the tandoor near the flammable objects.

6Store the tandoor under a shed or in a case after complete colling.

7Never clean a tandoor by applying commercial cleaning products which contain chemicals.

8Gently combine ceramic parts due to mechanical damages.

9Using your tandoor in violation of the rules of operation will void the warranty.

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Why do you need to build a BBQ? Use our tandoors!

5 advantages of the tandoors “The world of tandoors” trade mark in comparison with fixed barbecues:

1. Dimensions

As is known, fixed barbecues occupy a lot of space unlike the tandoor. For building a BBQ it is allocated an area where an arbor and a platform for barbecue are constructed. On the average, for barbecue an area should be from 1 to 3 м2, while for a tandoor 0,4 м2 is enough.

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Tandoor as heating

Considering economic situation in Ukraine and the increased demand for alternative sources of heating we can offer a tandoor oven as a solution.

Tandoor oven is heating for an hour and a half, during this time it can heat a small room, glazed arbor, a sunroom. Heat dissipation predominates greatly over the metal and cast iron products.

While burning it is possible to admire an open hearth or cook in it. After the decay a tandoor oven for another four hours (depending on an ambient temperature) will give you warmth. Buying our tandoor you will get a multifunctional object, seven in one: a brazier, a tandoor, a hearth, a grill, a barbecue, a smokehouse, and finally, a beautiful stove, painted by experienced artists in the best Ukrainian traditions.


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