Tandoor is a versatile clay oven for cooking dishes from meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, samosas, flatbreads.

Tandoor is better to place on a site, prepared in advance. In case it is placed under the canopy (gazebo) you may need a smoke collector. As you deal with open fire you need to consider fireproof standards, for consultation you can ask our specialist to visit your house.

The first thing to do - is to open covers and ash-pit, put 50% of food from the internal volume and burn (you can use an igniter). Once the wood is burning well close a tandoor with a big lid. During the combustion of wood the walls will be covered with soot.
After a while soot starts burning, it means that the temperature in the tandoor is above 350°С. A tandoor is ready to use. You should extract coal through the ash-pan with a pocker to push the grate and scrape the rest of the coals to the brazier. You can leave some coals to maintain the temperature. Close the ash-pit. Put into the tandoor skewers with meat, vegetables etc. close the tandoor with a small lid. To check if meat is cooked lift a lid.

For shashlyk 15-20 min is enough
For vegetables and fish 10-15 min
A chicken 30-50 min
A leg of lamb 1,5 hours

It is possible in case you cover a tandoor with a case after its complete cooling or to put a tandoor under the shed.

Yes, we have. Our tandoors are certified by Ministry of Health of Ukraine and State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of Ukraine.

Yes, it is possible to do this in a special fixture, which is placed in the tandoor.