Delivery of the Tandoors and warranty conditions

dostavka2-enThe cost of delivery in Kyiv is 250 UAH
The cost of delivery in Kyiv region is 400 UAH 
The cost of delivery includes the work of the porters who carries the tandoor from the car to the arbour or any other specific location (within 25 meters).

The delivery to regions of Ukraine is carried out on the basis of a 100 percent advance payment of the order according to the invoice (unless other conditions are specified).

The delivery of goods is provided by delivery companies: SAT, Autolux, Night Express, Euroexpress, Intime, Nova poshta, Delivery and other.

After the goods are dispatched a manager will contact you and indicate the shipping number you will be able to get the goods at the office of the delivery company in case you have an original passport of a citizen of Ukraine.

Payment of a shipping of the good in the territory of Ukraine is made at the time of delivery at the office of the shipping company.

The calculation of the cost of services and contact offices of a shipping companies in your city can be found on the website of a chosen company.

The company “The world of tandoors” is not responsible for any calculations or shipping fees of the delivery companies.

Here is a list of transport companies we work with:

Transport company «SAT»
Tel.: +38 (044) 291-66-20, 291-66-22

Transport company «Night Express»
Tel.: +38 (044) 248-07-05, 248-07-06, 248-50-44

Transport company «In-Time»
Tel.: +38 (044) 498-21-35, (067) 619-10-00, (067) 619-09-90

Transport company «Autolux»
Tel.: +38 (044) 536-00-55, 536-00-53

Transport company «Nova Poshta»
Tel.: +38 (044) 422-35-54, 496-23-07, 502-32-86, 503-79-36, 422-35-53

Transport company «Your Time»
Tel.: +38 (044) 246-83-44, 246-83-45, 246-83-46, 246-83-47

Transport company «Delivery»
Tel.: +38 (044) 507-03-87, 507-03-88, (068) 346-09-13

Transport company «EuroExpress»
Tel.: +38 (044) 426-24-64, 426-24-23, 426-07-76, 496-90-65

The warranty on a tandoor is 1 year
with proper operation!

Operating conditions of the Tandoor:

1When burning you tandoor you will need to warm it up slowly!

2Never use water to cool a hot tandoor.

3When using your tandoor it is forbidden to knock (tap) the walls of the tandoor with metal objects (e.g. pocker, scoop etc).

4Never put a tandoor on the soft surface because it can fall.

5Don’t put the tandoor near the flammable objects.

6Store the tandoor under a shed or in a case after complete colling.

7Never clean a tandoor by applying commercial cleaning products which contain chemicals.

8Gently combine ceramic parts due to mechanical damages.

9Using your tandoor in violation of the rules of operation will void the warranty.